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How the new Metaroom by Amrax® App is revolutionizing the digitization of rooms

October 2022, Puch bei Hallein 
With the launch of the beta version of the Metaroom App for B2B customers, Amrax® is setting amazing new standards for the digitization and design of spaces. The Salzburg-based company has developed a multi-patented, real-time, digital all-in-one solution that gives users an innovative tool to realize their projects. 

Amrax® has set itself the goal of becoming the world market leader in the digitization and visualization of interior spaces. Now the start-up is making its Beta App Metaroom by Amrax® available to its first pilot customers in the furniture manufacturing and lighting design sectors. The App takes the digitization of rooms to a new level.

With Metaroom, three steps to a unique project experience

Scan: digitize rooms in seconds

Thanks to the Metaroom App, interior designers, interior consultants, decorators, lighting planners and others can now put aside their measuring tapes, folding rules and electronic measuring devices. From now on, tedious room measurements and number errors when taking measurements are history, significantly minimizing time and the sources of error. In just a few seconds, the App can be used to scan an entire room on an iPhone or iPad and generate a true-to-scale 3D model. In addition to room dimensions, windows, doors and furniture, the digital twin contains important/critical information regarding the colors and textures of the scanned room. Object, as well as texture recognition, is performed using RGB and depth sensors combined with deep learning neural networks.

See: Room design revolutionized

Metaroom by Amrax® stores the digitized 3D model with all the dimensions, furniture, and colors in the library. In the library, the model is a fully interactive 3D scene allowing the user to view and interact with all the objects in the room. From the library, the room is always available for review, for showing and sharing with others. A relevant application scenario concerns the furnishing consultation: A room scanned in a few seconds can be transmitted as a digital twin to furnishing consultants. The 3D model can be opened directly in one of the common CAD programs and adapted according to the client's ideas. Thus, for example, a living room can be redesigned based on the scanned data. The recorded room dimensions can also be used, for example, to calculate the amount of wall paint or floorboards required at the push of a button.

Collaborate: Premium planning for a unique project experience 

Once a room is scanned, the 3D model can be opened in common CAD programs. The redesign of the room can now be started directly, with no limits on individual wishes.  Amrax® provides conversion for all models and all the dimensions, objects and colors to various formats for collaboration with SketchUp, Relux and other common CAD programs.  
The simple interface to common CAD programs enables an exclusive customer experience. Once a project has been completed, it can be shared directly with the client in the App. Customers experience their newly designed space virtually in an unprecedented way. Visualizing the design gives clients a better feeling and understanding of sizes and the effect of a piece of furniture in a room. This helps to avoid unpleasant surprises and to recognize before the purchase that the desired couch might be too massive and take up too much space in the room. The simple workflow means that customization requests can be made quickly and efficiently and shared back with those placing the order. The result is high customer satisfaction with a high conversion rate and a reduction in returns or complaints.  

Further development through research and mutual exchange 

The use cases of the Amrax® technology are manifold and are already successfully used in interior design as well as in lighting design. Since the beginning, there has been close cooperation with the Design & Product Management course at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.
Martin Huber (CEO) "They have the vision; we have the technological progress. Together with FH Salzburg and other innovative partners in the tech industry, we are continuously researching existing and new technologies in the field of interior design. In doing so, we focus on mobile devices such as smartphones and artificial intelligence methods, especially machine vision. Through the quality and progressiveness of our developments, we are jointly creating the know-how of the future."  
Günther Grall, head of the Design& Product Management program: "Today, the demands on modern design are higher than ever. The art lies in reconciling design requirements with the technical realities of the global world as well as with economic and ecological demands. Technology now plays a major role in this and is also a fundamental component in our field of study. Innovative and practical projects, such as our cooperation with Amrax®, enhance the quality of the courses and are highly appreciated by the students."  

Metaroom by Amrax®, the technology platform behind Metaroom was founded in April 2020 with the goal of exploring new digital ways to digitize and design spaces. It uses forward-thinking 3D technology to reimagine space planning and interior design. Amrax® offers solutions that are fast, inspiring and user-friendly. Interdisciplinary collaboration in the fields of computer vision, deep learning and virtual reality enable these groundbreaking innovations. The team consists of 25 visionaries, AI and computer vision experts, software developers and marketing experts working on the creation and marketing of the product. Headquartered in Salzburg, Austria, Amrax® also operates in Vienna and the USA.  

The App is currently compatible with all LiDAR-enabled Apple devices (iPhone Pro and iPad Pro). Starting November 3, the beta version will be available for B2B customers.  

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