The pioneers of digital spatial planning

Our mission at AMRAX is to digitize the process of spatial planning by enabling planners from various industries to utilize Metaroom® and become more efficient and precise in their workflow.

A letter from the CEO

In an era of numerous challenges, we have found computers and technology to be empowering tools, magnifying our human abilities and sharing them with the world.
At Amrax®, we recognize the potential of these tools and strive to push their boundaries with our innovative product, Metaroom®.

Metaroom goes beyond the conventional limitations, expanding our abilities and opening new doors of possibilities. The spaces we inhabit, from our homes to our workplaces, are not just functional entities but reflect our personality and ethos. In recent times, the importance of comfort, aesthetic, and efficiency in these spaces has grown exponentially.

With Metaroom, we offer the ability to not just visualize, but to reimagine these spaces, with individual 3D visual support. It is a tool that cultivates creativity, allowing everyone to shape their environment according to their preferences and needs. Moreover, our technology upholds our collective responsibility towards the planet by promoting energy-saving solutions and driving efforts towards decarbonization in building design.

What sets Amrax® apart is our team of some of the most dedicated and brilliant AI minds globally. They are the driving force behind the development of this transformative superpower, making it accessible to everyone.

I am privileged to support our customers, partners, and employees on this groundbreaking journey.
Join us in embracing the future of spaces with Metaroom.

Martin Huber
Co-Founder and CEO of Amrax®

Our culture

A positive corporate culture with humanity and respect for each other and our customers is in our DNA. We are always looking for creative ideas and solutions. Founded in 2020, we offer exciting challenges such as research-driven development work at the forefront of 3D reconstruction and Deep Learning.

Our team

We are an extraordinary team of scientists, coders and marketing experts working on AI-based digital content creation and marketing. We believe in exploring new ways to design digital spaces. Our mission is to create technology that makes people’s lives easier.

Open positions

Our founders

Martin Huber and Hans Schlick have been colleagues for many years on work for Austrian Broadcasting Corporation and Red Bull. The founders have profound business and management experience in leading large teams and building companies. The combination of expertise and entrepreneurship creates a solid foundation for our venture.