3D room manager for a better project teamwork

Transform your 3D scans into universal 3D room models for CAD programs.

Redefined 3D modelling workflow

Fine-tune, collaborate and export your 3D models with powerful Metaroom® Studio features.

Points of Interest

Edit and fine-tune markers that you made during the scan. Enrich the 3d model with important information about objects and connections and collaborate seemlessly with your team.

Library & File management

Simplify 3D model management by creating folders or customizing room names to align with your preferred organizational structure.

Customized Industry Solutions

Specify the intended purpose and functionality of the room before proceeding with the export. This ensures alignment with your industry needs for the next planning phases.

CAD-ready formats

Export ready-to-use 3D room models into over 12 supported formats, enabling seamless integration with a variety of CAD programs for a streamlined workflow.

“Metaroom® has revolutionized my workflow by significantly reducing the time I spend on measurements, compared to traditional laser methods. 
Its intuitive design simplifies my work process, freeing up valuable time for more critical tasks.”

Marc Mörgeli


Lighting Consultant & Project Manager

Speed up collaboration & Scale results

Metaroom® Studio empowers professionals in 3D room modelling to work faster and more efficiently.

Easy communication

Capture key information during the scan to simplify communication and reduce errors.

Efficient collaboration

Use and share 3D models across different teams and export them in various formats.

Autodesk integration

Vizualize 3D models within Autodesk Build Insights or BIM 360 Project Home.

Unleash innovation, boost productivity

Metaroom® Studio simplifies team collaboration and boosts productivity by combining all essential tools in one platform.

Synchronized scans

Auto-upload and sync your scans with Metaroom® Studio and the app.

Collaborate with others

Organize and collaborate on 3D models in diverse teams.

Saved in the cloud

Access wherever you go and share models in minutes after the scan.

Advanced security

Assure security with 3D models stored in the GDPR-compliant AWS cloud.

Powerful exports

Universally use of Metaroom's 3D Models in various industry software.

Comprehensive support

Get expert support for any questions or concerns you may have.

Essentials for Metaroom® Studio

Ensure a successful 3D room project experience from the beginning with these questions already answered.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, you can scan as many rooms as you want with the Metaroom® App. To export your 3D room models from Metaroom® Studio, you can start a free trial with 10 free export credits. One export of a 3D room model equals 1 credit.

Log in to Metaroom® Studio with your account credentials. Select the needed 3D room model from your list of scans, and click on the “Export” button. After that, select the desired export format to initiate exporting. All you need to do next is just click the “Download” button in the Export tab.

Within the 3D model, you’ll notice distinctive pink dots – these represent the Points of Interest you marked during your scan. To edit them, just click on the dot, and a window with an associated image will open. Now, you can measure objects and include additional information for the Point of Interest.

In order to export a separate room or objects, you need to start with selecting the desired room elements in the multiroom 3D model. Once all needed walls and room objects are selected, group and name them accordingly. Now, just select this grouped room for exporting.

No, Metaroom® Studio operates as a cloud-based software, accessible anytime and anywhere through the Internet.

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