Diverse Industry Solutions

Discover how Metaroom® digitizes the workflow of spatial planning in various professional sectors.

Light Planning

Explore successful areas of the Metaroom® solution in lighting planning.


Save time with Metaroom® and focus on your creative design process.


Uncover how Metaroom® enhances Scan-to-BIM process.

Facility Management

Explore the new way of Computer Aided Facility Management with Metaroom®.

WiFi Network

Learn how to streamline your Workflow in Wireless Network Planning.

Unleash innovation, boost productivity

Metaroom® Studio simplifies team collaboration and boosts productivity by combining all essential tools in one platform.

Synchronized scans

Auto-upload and sync your scans with Metaroom® Studio and the app.

Collaborate with others

Organize and collaborate on 3D models in diverse teams.

Saved in the cloud

Access wherever you go and share models in minutes after the scan.

Advanced security

Assure security with 3D models stored in the GDPR-compliant AWS cloud.

Powerful exports

Universally use of Metaroom's 3D Models in various industry software.

Comprehensive support

Get expert support for any questions or concerns you may have.

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