3D solutions for innovative Wireless Network Design

Easily scan entire buildings with your Apple Pro device to create 3D models for a seamless integration with Ranplan Wireless.

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With the free Metaroom® App your Apple Pro device becomes a professional 3D scanner tool.

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Metaroom® 3D solutions are designed to be easily usable for people of all backgrounds.

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Scan once with Metaroom® and access accurate measurements whenever you need.

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Instantly generate large scale 3D models with Metaroom® through a simple scanning process.

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How it works:


Scan the building with Metaroom® App

Go floor by floor with Metaroom® App to create one comprehensive 3D building model. Set markers while scanning to indicate areas of importance.


Export the 3D building model via Metaroom® Studio

Enrich your scanned 3D building model with important information in Metaroom® Studio and export it to the Ranplan-optimized .IFC format.


Start network planning in
Ranplan Wireless

Launch your 3D building model file in Ranplan software and begin crafting your in-building wireless network.

What all Radio Planners have been waiting for

Explore the new wireless network planning workflow with the Metaroom® 3D scanner app and the 3D room manager Metaroom® Studio.

Rapid 3D scanning

Turn your Apple Pro device into a 3D scanning solution to create fast 3D models for wireless network planning

Instant digital twins

Scan multiple floors or entire buildings to get cohesive and editable 3D models within minutes.

Seamless integration with Ranplan

Specifically optimized Ranplan .ifc format ensures universal compatibility with leading radio planning software.

Efficient wireless network planning

Save your company’s resources by digitizing the 3D planning process.


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“Our collaboration with Metaroom® is designed to empower telecom operators, systems integrators and enterprises with new efficiencies to our state-of-the-art wireless network planning solutions. This will fortify their readiness to proactively meet the growing demands of consumer and business connectivity.”

Per Lindberg

CEO @ Ranplan Wireless

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Download and try Metaroom® for free!

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