Top 10 Tech Events to Attend in 2024

Tech Events in 2024

Stay up to date with innovation and technologies by attending tech conferences. Here’s a list of all upcoming tech events in 2024 to watch out for!

Unlocking the Power of LiDAR

Woman scanning with iPhone. Lidar Beams appearing

LiDAR technology is revolutionizing 3D modeling with its precision and speed.
It captures physical spaces accurately, and this advancement is crucial for different industries, where precise measurements are essential. LiDAR’s efficiency in data collection and processing marks a significant leap in spatial planning and design.

Stay Ahead of the Game: Immersive Technologies and 3D Commerce

iPhone Screen pointing at empty room. In the screen a living room furniture is shown to visualize what it coudl look like.

Explore how immersive technologies are reshaping 3D commerce. This article delves into the integration of AR and VR in retail, enhancing customer experience and decision-making. Understand the impact of these technologies on consumer engagement and how they’re setting new standards in the digital marketplace.