Welcome Metaroom® App: 3d room scanner app for spatial digitalization 

Amrax proudly announces the launch of the Metaroom App on the Apple App Store. This innovative app allows users to create true-to-scale 3D models of rooms quickly and efficiently, revolutionizing spatial planning in various industries. It's an essential tool for professionals in Light Planning, Facility Management, BIM, Interior Design, and Real Estate.
App Store Screens of the Metaroom App

The team of Metaroom® by Amrax is thrilled to announce the release of our groundbreaking Metaroom® app on the App Store. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the design landscape with cutting-edge technology tailored for professionals in lighting, architecture & interior design, facility management, BIM, and radio planning. 

Let us introduce the game-changer mobile app for professional 3D scanning of spaces!  

What is the Metaroom® App? 

Today marks a significant milestone for Metaroom® by Amrax, as we proudly introduce the Metaroom app—a carefully crafted tool that reshapes design and collaboration in the spatial planning industry. Tailored for professionals, our app seamlessly integrates automated 3D reconstruction technology with an intuitive user interface, setting new standards in spatial creativity. 

With the Metaroom® app, industry professionals can effortlessly scan rooms, generating comprehensive 3D room models exportable to diverse industry formats within Metaroom® Studio. Fueled by cutting-edge AI and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technologies, the Metaroom® app establishes a competitive advantage in the laser-based measurement industry, enabling the use of iPhone Pro or iPad Pro as advanced 3D scanning tools. 

Precise scanning with LiDAR sensor 

The Metaroom® App relies on LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors and requires extremely high computing power for AI-based object recognition methods. Currently, our app is compatible only with all LiDAR-enabled Apple Pro devices. And here is why. 

LiDAR is a revolutionary sensing technology that employs laser light to measure distances with unparalleled precision. In essence, it transforms physical spaces into detailed, three-dimensional maps. 

Besides some expensive measuring devices that are equipped with LiDAR sensors, this technology became available for smartphone and tablet owners. For example, the LiDAR revolution has found a home in the lineup of Apple Pro devices. In fact, all the Apple Pro devices starting from iPhone 12 and iPad 2020 generation are equipped with LiDAR sensors. 

Unlike generic apps, the Metaroom App is finely tuned for professionals in the AEC, BIM and Lighting industries. It doesn’t solely rely on the capabilities of LiDAR sensors; rather, it harnesses the synergy of cutting-edge technology, blending the power of LiDAR with high computing capabilities for AI-based object recognition methods. 

In essence, the Metaroom App, coupled with an Apple Pro device featuring LiDAR technology, unlocks the effortless creation of 3D room models. The integration of AI-based object recognition not only streamlines the process but elevates the precision and detail captured in the digital representation of physical spaces. 

Key features setting Metaroom® app apart 

Besides deep technologies that power the Metaroom® app to reconstruct spaces in 3D dimension with precision and details, the app also has features that ease spatial planners’ work. Here are the top benefits that our industry beta testers highlight.   

  1. Automated 3D reconstruction & streamlined workflow. Spatial planners can capture precise 3D models effortlessly using an iPhone Pro or iPad Pro, eliminating the need for manual floor plans or specialized training. 
  1. Faster proposal creation. Professionals now accelerate the design process by producing accurate 3D representations, saving valuable time and reducing costs. 
  1. Product contextualization & improved collaboration. Bring your designs to life by placing furniture and lighting within a 3D space, facilitating seamless communication and teamwork. 
  1. Increased customer engagement & enhanced experience. Spatial experts empower their users to visualize different design options in their rooms, creating an immersive experience beyond traditional displays. 
  1. Reduced complaints & returns. Offer a realistic view of products in customers’ spaces, minimizing dissatisfaction and potential returns. 

Metaroom® app success at IMM Cologne Fair 2023 

Metaroom® also took the spotlight at the IMM Cologne fair this year, where we showcased its capabilities ap our 3D room scanning app in real-time.

Metaroom by Amrax® transforms designs with innovation 

Metaroom by Amrax®, known for pioneering technology, is proud to present the Metaroom app—a powerful tool redefining design possibilities. With a team dedicated to innovation, we continue to set new standards in design and technology. Download the Metaroom® app today to transform your 3d room modeling process!  

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