Metaroom® App Shines with Special Mention at German Innovation Award 2023 

The Metaroom App has been honored with the German Innovation Award 2023. This prestigious accolade recognizes our commitment to pioneering 3D spatial technology.
iPhone with Metaroom App and German Innovation award logo

Metaroom by Amrax® is proud to announce that our revolutionary Metaroom® app has clinched a special mention at the prestigious German Innovation Award 2023. This recognition is not just an accolade; it’s a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of 3D digitization and spatial design. 

Celebrating Metaroom’s innovation journey 

The German Innovation Award 2023 has bestowed a Special Mention upon the Metaroom® app, reaffirming our standing as leaders in the industry. In a fiercely competitive field with 650 submissions from 22 countries, our 3D room scanning app stood out for its groundbreaking approach to transforming spaces. 

Since its launch in June 2023, the Metaroom® app has emerged as a game-changer in interior design, lighting design, radio planning, and facility management. Our users already know it as a fast, inspiring, and user-friendly solution, and now, the German Innovation Award acknowledges its well-thought-out aspects, original approaches, and sophisticated solutions. 

A team of pioneers behind Metaroom®’s success 

Our success story wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the collaborative efforts of Amrax’s team – a dynamic group of 25 experts in computer vision, AI, software development, and marketing. Together, we’ve crafted a revolutionary tool that empowers our users to unleash their creativity in spatial endeavours. 

The German Innovation Award recognizes our adaptability and innovative spirit, showcasing our ability to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape. An independent, interdisciplinary jury evaluated us based on innovation, user benefits, efficiency, and our commitment to social, ecological, and economic sustainability. 

Metaroom®’s impact on future spatial design 

This Special Mention at the German Innovation Award 2023 isn’t just a recognition of our past accomplishments; it’s a catalyst for future innovation. As Metaroom by Amrax® continues to lead in 3D technology, the Metaroom® app stands proudly, inspiring professionals to redefine spatial design and shape the future where imagination knows no bounds. 

In conclusion, this award is not just a win for Metaroom®; it’s a triumph for Amrax®. We invite our community to celebrate with us as we continue our journey of innovation, setting new benchmarks in 3D digitization and spatial design. This award serves as a beacon, guiding us towards even greater achievements. Together, we’re redefining how the world experiences and interacts with the spaces around us. 

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