Metaroom® and RELUX partnered to redefine lighting design 

Amrax's collaboration with Relux offers enhanced lighting design capabilities. Integrating Metaroom's 3D models with Relux's software, users can now efficiently plan and visualize lighting projects. This partnership streamlines the design process, providing a seamless solution for lighting professionals.

In a momentous stride toward innovation, Metaroom by Amrax® proudly unveils a strategic partnership with RELUX, a renowned provider of lighting design software. This collaboration marks a powerful fusion of technologies, empowering our users to seamlessly integrate 3D scan data into the RELUX light planning software, revolutionizing the landscape of lighting design. 

Metaroom® and RELUX: leading innovators in the light planning industry 

Founded in 2020, Amrax®, the force behind Metaroom®, is on a mission to explore innovative ways to digitize and design spaces using 3D technology. With a team of 25 experts in computer vision, AI, software development, and marketing, Metaroom® stands as a testament to our commitment to groundbreaking innovations. We are setting the standard for fast, inspiring, and user-friendly solutions in space planning and interior design. 

RELUX Informatik AG, a stalwart in the field, has been a beacon in lighting design and product presentation software for over 25 years. A leader in BIM solutions, RELUX actively engages in national and international committees, offering custom development and advising manufacturers. As an independently managed family business since 2010, RELUX embodies a culture of high quality, respect, and fairness. 

Revolutionizing light planning through innovation 

Our commitment to reshaping spatial experiences takes a giant leap forward with this strategic partnership. Now, Metaroom® users can effortlessly incorporate true-to-scale 3D models of rooms directly into RELUX’s cutting-edge light planning software. The Metaroom® App, powered by RGB and depth sensors from iPhones or iPads Pro alongside deep learning neural networks, crafts digital twins within minutes. The precision of LiDAR sensors in the iPhone 14 Pro model is truly remarkable, boasting an accuracy range of 0.5-1% with a recognition span of approximately 5 meters. 

A symbiosis of expertise and innovation 

CEO of Metaroom by Amrax®, Martin Huber expresses immense excitement about this collaboration, stating: 

We are excited to partner with Relux Informatik AG. RELUX’s expertise in lighting design is unsurpassed. Together, we offer a comprehensive solution with an integrated workflow that combines the power of our 3D scanning technology with advanced lighting design capabilities.”   

Markus Hegi, RELUX’s CEO, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the partnership’s potential to redefine interactions between external field staff and customers. He notes: 

“This partnership has the potential to revolutionize the way external field staff interacts with its customers. By combining our expertise, we can already offer a considerable added-value profit to our users with this first version, and this is just the starting point of all possibilities. The partnership between AMRAX® and RELUX is an important step in the development of design and construction technologies and both companies are looking toward the future with excitement.”

In conclusion, this partnership between Metaroom by Amrax and RELUX is a beacon illuminating the future of design and construction technologies. As we embark on this journey, we invite our community to join us in redefining the possibilities of spatial experiences and lighting design. Together, we craft tomorrow’s spaces today. 

Scan your space with the Metaroom® App, export ready-to-use 3D models of scanned rooms in Metaroom® Studio, and use it for light planning in RELUX.  

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