Unveiling the Next-Gen Features of Metaroom: Elevate Your 3D Modeling Experience 

Metaroom Update 2024 showing new features in the Metaroom App and MEtaroom Studio

In the ever-evolving world of 3D modeling, the Metaroom platform is once again at the forefront, introducing groundbreaking updates to both the Metaroom App and Metaroom Studio. These enhancements not only streamline the 3D modeling process but also integrate cutting-edge 3D technology to bring your designs to life.  
Let’s dive into the new features that make the latest iteration of Metaroom a game-changer for professionals. 

Metaroom App: Enhanced Performance and Innovation 

Larger Scale Scanning 

The Metaroom App now has improved performance capabilities, specifically designed to handle large-scale projects with ease. Significant backend improvements allow for comprehensive scanning of entire floors or buildings with your Apple Pro device due to minimized memory load on the device, ensuring a smooth scanning experience for expansive structures. This latest upgrade ensures a seamless scanning process, even for large buildings.  

Key usage tips: 
For optimal results, you still have to engage the multi-room function. This approach involves segmenting your scan, room by room, easily accomplished by tapping the + (pink plus button) during scanning. After completing the initial room, continue adding rooms by tapping +. Upon finalizing the scan, a unified 3D model of all rooms is automatically generated. 

Automatic QR Code Recognition 

A standout feature in this update is the automatic QR code recognition during the scanning process. This innovation enables users to embed digital links into their 3D models and export them to any .IFC format. These links could be connected to any product-specific platform or website and provide comprehensive information about buildings and building products. This information can include environmental declarations, object details, materials, assembly or disassembly instructions, and multilingual instructions. The flexibility of QR codes unlocks endless creative possibilities, enhancing the utility and interactivity of 3D models. 

Use Case in Action:  
In Norway, the SirkBIM pilot project, in collaboration with Metaroom and GS1 Digital Link, exemplifies this functionality. QR codes, which contain a GS1 Digital Link Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) linked to a product-specific website, offer comprehensive information about building products. When a building is reused or audited before demolition, the QR code remains useful. It directs to the product-specific page, with information suited for reuse. For example, this information could contain disassembly instructions, the estimated lifespan, or where the product can be repaired. 

Simply hold your Phone still and focus on the QR Code while scanning with the Metaroom app and the QR will be captured automatically

Features transferred to Metaroom Studio 

Centralized Sharing and Collaboration  

While the sharing feature remains an integral part of the Metaroom ecosystem, it has now transitioned from the app to the Metaroom Studio. This move streamlines the workflow, centralizing editing, exporting, and sharing functionalities in one place. Opening a shared model reveals all points of interest, QR codes, and room categorizations, all exportable for comprehensive collaboration.

Measurement Tools  

Additionally, the Metaroom app’s measurements in the 2D view have been phased out. However, this feature is in preparation for integration into Metaroom Studio, which will include an even more comprehensive toolkit in the next update shortly. 

However, you can still cross-check your measurements in the Scan- process before uploading the Scan for reconstruction to the cloud. 

Metaroom Studio: A Hub of Creativity and Collaboration

Expanded IFC export Formats 

Metaroom Studio now supports Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) 2×3 and 4 formats, alongside specially optimized IFC formats for collaboration with partners like Ranplan, PaletteCAD, and SirkBIM. As an extension to our existing formats, this will make the transfer of 3D models even more flexible, catering to a broader range of industry standards and project requirements. 

QR Codes: A Gateway to Enhanced Model Interaction 

Building on the QR code functionality introduced in the Metaroom app, Metaroom Studio allows users to view, manage, and export these QR codes within their 3D models (IFC format only). This feature not only facilitates access to embedded information but also promotes a more interactive and informative modeling experience. Whether for pre-demolition audits, product reuse, or other creative applications, QR codes serve as a bridge to a wealth of data. 

Automated Room Segmentation: A Game-Changer for Relux Users 

A particularly exciting feature for Relux users is the automated room segmentation. This cutting-edge technology is designed to recognize and split rooms automatically, thereby streamlining the 3D model preparation process. By intelligently identifying individual rooms within a scan, Metaroom significantly reduces the time and effort traditionally required to manually segment spaces for light planning in Relux.

Important notice: For Metaroom to automatically recognize and segment rooms it is important to scan the full room. Open areas with 3 or less walls will not be segmented as rooms. But if needed, this can be done manually in Metaroom Studio before the export.  
Anyhow you will still have to define the utilization types of the different rooms that will be needed for light planning in Relux. The Export Process to Relux will remain the same- you can choose the rooms that you would like to have in your export. 

This feature only applies to scans done after the update. Older Scans will not have the automated room segmentation.

Conclusion: A Leap Forward for 3D Modeling 

The latest updates to Metaroom App and Metaroom Studio represent a significant leap forward in the field of 3D modeling. Combining improved performance, innovative features such as QR code integration, and enhanced export capabilities, Metaroom is redefining the boundaries of digitizing spaces and buildings. Whether you are a professional architect, radio planner, or BIM expert, these updates provide you with the tools and flexibility you need to bring your visionary projects to life and save time in the process. 

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