Essential BIM, Construction, and Facility Management Events in 2024

Discover key worldwide events for BIM, Construction, and Facility Management in 2024. Mark your calendar with event dates, and evaluate prices with our curated BIM event list.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become a linchpin in shaping the future of construction, and attending industry events is a gateway to the latest trends and developments. Moreover, participating in BIM events this year is a strategic move for professionals in the construction and infrastructure sectors, as it provides: 

  • latest news and discussion around BIM regulations; 
  • connection with industry leaders, peers, and potential collaborators; 
  • cutting-edge technologies and trends shaping BIM’s future; 
  • skill development in expert BIM, construction, facility management workshops and sessions; 
  • business intelligence with insights into market trends, challenges, and opportunities. 

So, if you would like to stay ahead of the latest Building Information Modeling innovations, then here’s our curated list of must-attend BIM events in 2024, offering a diverse range of insights, networking opportunities, and technological advancements. 

Top 14 events to attend in 2024 for BIM experts, construction professionals and facility managers 

Below you can find the list of events, conferences and expos that unite BIM, construction professionals, and facility and property managers. Be sure to secure your spot, as some events require upfront registration, offering unparalleled insights into the future of the industry. 

1. InfraBIMopen 2024 

Date: January 29-31, 2024 

Location: Lyon, France 

Price: registration required. 

InfraBIMopen gathers global BIM experts to discuss and showcase groundbreaking solutions for the challenges facing the infrastructural landscape of tomorrow. This is the ultimate destination for acquiring insights from practical openBIM use cases and experts’ feedback, engaging in discussions within the expansive exhibition hall alongside a diverse group of construction professionals, and collaboratively finding solutions to enhance projects and foster new ventures.  

2. BIM Verdi  

Date: February 8, 2024 

Location: Oslo, Norway 

Price: registration required. 

BIM Verdi is an exclusive event that focuses on practical sessions and discussions of the BIM future in Norway, AEC and AI. This event connects with industry influencers to participate in thought-provoking discussions and gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of BIM in Norway. BIM Verdi is a one-day event full of interactive workshops and networking. In other words, it is a must-event for professionals seeking to stay at the forefront of BIM innovation in the Norwegian context. 

In case you are joining BIM Verdi, make sure to visit a session from Metaroom’s CEO, Martin Huber, about “Digital reuse mapping with AI”. Find out more about the event agenda here

3. 7th Annual Digital Construction Summit 2024 

Date: February 8-9, 2024 

Location: Prague, Czech Republic 

Price: € 699 – € 3,499 

The Annual Digital Construction Summit unites industry experts from renowned global brands, fostering discussions on contemporary applications of VDC/BIM, VR/AR, automation tools, robotics, construction planning software, and other digital tools. This summit edition will centre around pragmatic case studies showcasing the application of intelligent technologies in construction, architecture, and civil engineering, aiming to enhance built environments, boost productivity, tackle labour shortages, and achieve sustainability goals. This two-day event is an invaluable opportunity to network with industry leaders, delve into the latest developments shaping modern construction, and collaboratively devise solutions for designing smart cities. 

4. Geo Week 2024 

Date: February 11-13, 2024 

Location: Denver, USA 

Price: $150 – $1,175 

Geo Week stands as the foremost event facilitating heightened integration among the built environment, cutting-edge airborne/terrestrial technologies, and commercial 3D technologies. Originating in response to the evolving requirements of the built world and geospatial professionals, this event recognizes the ongoing convergence of technology. With new technological advancements, the demand for remote workflows, and breakthroughs in hardware, expectations are being reshaped across teams, organizations, and entire industries. Geo Week stands at the nexus of these transformative developments.  

5. 3rd Annual Digital Built World Summit 

Date: February 27-28, 2024 

Location: Sydney, Australia 

Price: $ 1,465 – $ 2,515 

The 3rd Annual Digital Built World Summit emerges as a pivotal catalyst for infrastructure digitization. With participation from over 300 industry leaders, the summit serves as a platform for learning, sharing experiences, identifying best practices, and developing expertise. It emphasizes how digital twin thinking can extract greater value from data, optimize infrastructure performance, and yield superior outcomes for society. This summit focuses on the integration of digital technologies into construction processes. You can be sure this summit will allow you to engage with industry leaders, explore innovative solutions, and gain insights into the future of the built world. 

6. Geo Connect Asia

Date: March 6 – 7, 2024

Location: Singapore, Republicof Singapore

Price: trade visiting is free of charge; confrence price S$315 – S$895

Geo Connect Asia 2024 is a show and conference for the rapidly expanding geospatial, positioning, location intelligence, and remote sensing markets in the region. Hosting over 100 leading companies, this show, co-located with Digital Construction Asia, takes a deep dive into one of the region’s largest industries. As geospatial expertise plays an increasingly vital role in decision-making across government, enterprise, and non-profit sectors, this annual event offers a dynamic mix of thought leadership and technical platforms.

7. BIM World Paris 

Date: April 3-4, 2024 

Location: Paris, France 

Price: € 180 – € 360 

In April this year, Paris hosts the BIM World conference that covers a variety of topics in the construction and real estate world: digital twins & infrastructure, BIM & interoperability, digital buildings & facility management, cybersecurity & artificial intelligence, digital construction & connected construction, platforms & smart data, decarbonization & sustainable development. Attendees can expect to discover the latest trends, innovations, and solutions shaping the French and European construction landscape. Network with industry professionals, attend insightful sessions and be part of the dynamic discussions driving BIM forward in Paris. 

8. Nordic BIM Summit 

Date: April 16, 2024 

Location: Stockholm, Sweden / Oslo, Norway / Online 

Price: SEK 500 – SEK 2500 

Whether you join us in Stockholm, Oslo, or virtually, seize the opportunity to delve into the latest trends and gain insights into real cases within the Building & Infrastructure industry with the Nordic BIM Summit. This event is a unique platform to explore the specific challenges and advancements in BIM within the Nordic region. It provides engaging conversations and enlightening keynote sessions guided by industry thought leaders.  

9. Smart & Green Building Expo 

Date: April 18, 2024 

Location: Dublin, Ireland 

Price: free, registration is required. 

The Smart & Green Building Expo marks its inaugural edition with a singular focus: to unite over 1500 stakeholders, including construction companies, developers, policymakers, project and building owners, governmental bodies, architectural and design firms, facility and property managers, large industrial companies, and key suppliers of smart and sustainable building technology and equipment. For those entrusted with creating smarter, more sustainable buildings, this event is an unmissable opportunity to stay at the forefront of industry advancements. 

The speaker’s line up is diverse and covers topics like BIM, Lean practices, Water Management, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Energy, Waste Reduction, Sustainable Construction & Buildings, Facility Management, Maintenance, Engineering, Software & Data, Smart Manufacturing, and much more. 

10. Building Information Modeling (BIM) 2024 

Date: April 29-30, 2024 

Location: Dubai, UAE 

Price: registration is required. 

The Middle East BIM market, valued at $450 million in 2022, is set for a steady 7.6% growth from 2023 to 2030, driven by the rising demand for sustainable buildings. Therefore, participating in Building Information Modeling (BIM) 2024 in Dubai gives you insights into BIM adoption in the Middle East, future trends, barriers, sustainable construction, and technological advancements. Join industry leaders, professionals, and stakeholders for insightful discussions on BIM’s transformative role in reshaping construction practices in the Middle East. 

11. BIM World Copenhagen 2024 

Date: September 18 – 19, 2024 

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark 

Price: tbd. 

BIM World Copenhagen is the grand event for the Scandinavian building industry. Attendees can expect to discover the latest digital advancements, learn how to work more intelligently throughout the building process and explore the potential of digital tools and workflows. Join industry leaders to network, gain insights, and enhance your efficiency in this key event focusing on the future of digitalization in the Scandinavian building sector. 

12. BIMEXPO Madrid 

Date: November 5-8, 2024 

Location: Madrid, Spain 

Price: tbd. 

Explore the forefront of BIM innovation at BIMEXPO, the premier European trade fair for BIM solutions, services, networking, and knowledge. This dynamic event, held alongside VETECO, CONSTRUTEC, MATELEC, and UBOTICA as part of ePower&building, forms a comprehensive project uniting the construction cycle’s solutions. With 1,200 companies and 60,000 professional visitors from various sectors, BIMEXPO stands as the largest sectoral event in southern Europe, driving innovation and market dynamism.  

13. BIM World Munich  

Date: November 26-27, 2024 

Location: Munich, Germany 

Price: tbd. 

BIM World Minich claims to be the trendsetter event for digitalization in the construction, real estate and facility management industries. As a prominent hub for industry professionals, this conference and exhibition create an immersive experience, delving into the latest trends, technologies, and applications shaping the future of construction and infrastructure projects. Attendees can expect insightful discussions on practical case studies, intelligent technology applications, and the transformative impact of BIM on construction, architecture, and civil engineering. Key focus areas include Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), automation tools, robotics, and construction planning software. 

14. BIM in Infrastructure Construction 

Date: December 10-11, 2024 

Location: Cologne, Germany 

Price: €1,490 

BIM in Infrastructure Construction gathers industry leaders to address the challenges and opportunities of BIM in rail, road, bridge, tunnel, and hydraulic engineering. The conference agenda is full of topics like the new version of the HOAI, data management, model integration, standards, and builders’ goals. The event also features practical examples, including Open BIM, model-based planning, GIS, geotechnics, and AS-Built models, providing valuable insights for your projects.  


As the construction industry continues its digital evolution, these BIM events stand as indispensable platforms for professionals seeking to stay ahead of the curve. Whether you’re delving into infrastructure-focused BIM or exploring the intersection of geospatial technologies, each event offers a unique perspective and invaluable insights. Register for events in advance as some conferences have limited places and an exclusive approach. Attend, engage, and be part of the transformative journey shaping the future of construction technology in 2024. 

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