Elevate Your Design Process with Metaroom® Studio

Metaroom Studio users to effortlessly manage and edit 3D scans and enhancing workflow efficiency. Ideal for professionals in various industries, this tool simplifies complex modeling tasks, fostering better project outcomes.
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Elevate Your Design Process with Metaroom® Studio: A Must-Have for Everyone using the Metaroom app

In an age where technology has become an integral part of design, we proudly present Metaroom Studio, your solution to simplified, personalized design. The transition from the Metaroom App to Metaroom Studio without missing a beat. Preview, categorize, and download all your scans in popular formats, live-synced in the cloud – that’s the seamless synergy Metaroom Studio offers. 

We understand the challenges designers face when creating 3D models. It’s often a time-consuming process, involving meticulous manual measurements and a high level of effort to ensure accuracy. With the capability to scan rooms and generate 3D models automatically, we help you sidestep the traditional complexities of 3D model creation. 
But the question is, how can you integrate these models into your favorite planning program? That’s where Metaroom Studio steps in. 

Seamlessly jump from the Metaroom App to Metaroom Studio – preview, categorize and download all scans in popular formats. Everything is synchronized live in the cloud. 
Our platform is designed specifically to cater to your needs and streamline your design process. 


Visualize this: You’ve just completed a flawless 3D scan of your space. Now, that 3D model isn’t confined to your screen— within Metaroom Studio, you can edit or correct furniture pieces before exporting the model in several industry-standard formats. Be it SketchUp (.SKP), ReluxDesktop (.RDF), or Wavefront (.OBJ), your detailed scan is primed to be further explored and enhanced within your chosen design software. With 3D scanning, flat sketches evolve into three-dimensional masterpieces, taking your design potential to new heights.


Imagine the vast possibilities when you can share intricate 3D models with your team or clients. The Metaroom App is compatible even with iPhones without LiDAR scanners. Users can receive scans from others and actively participate in the design process, even if they can’t scan rooms themselves. Clients too can scan rooms and share the scans with you. 
With Metaroom Studio, any user can log in and export these 3D models for further processing in other programs. Remember, scanning is always free; you only pay for the model you download. 
To make your Metaroom journey even smoother, your account comes with 3 free export credits, enabling you to explore the possibilities without delay. 

This paves the way for a more immersive, interactive, and collaborative design process. With the added advantage of cloud storage, your scans are not only safe but also easily accessible, anytime and anywhere. 


Metaroom Studio is not just a tool—it’s an asset for any modern designer. Here are the ten key features that set it apart: 

  1. Organize with Ease: Wave goodbye to disorganized designs! Metaroom Studio lets you sort your rooms based on their properties, helping you find what you need effortlessly.
  2. Immersive 3D Viewer: Step into your rooms virtually with our interactive 3D viewer before exporting, offering a realistic view of every corner of your scanned rooms.
  3. Powerful Exports: Export your scanned rooms in industry-standard formats like .skp, .rdf, and .obj. Future updates include .ifc, .usd, and .glb formats.
  4. Transaction & Credit Overview: Keep track of your activities and credits with our intuitive dashboard, maximizing your Metaroom Studio experience.
  5. Seamless Sync: The Metaroom app automatically uploads your scans to Metaroom Studio, ensuring that your designs are always up-to-date.
  6. Collaborate Effortlessly: Share and download rooms with others through the Metaroom app, making virtual collaboration a breeze.
  7. Cloud Storage: Secure cloud storage ensures that your designs are always available, no matter where you are.
  8. Advanced Security: With state-of-the-art security measures, we ensure that your data is protected against unauthorized access.
  9. Expert Support: Our dedicated Metaroom support team is on standby for any queries or issues. You’re never alone on your journey in digital design!
  10. Multilingual Support: Metaroom Studio is accessible to a diverse community of creators, supporting various languages.

Metaroom® App & Metaroom Studio: The Future 

At Metaroom®, we are committed to constant innovation, working tirelessly to improve your 3D modeling experience. Here’s a sneak peek into some exciting upcoming features: 

  • Multiroom support: Combine several scans into one comprehensive floor plan seamlessly. 
  • Improved room geometry: Capture the nuances of multiple ceiling heights, roof slopes, round walls, and columns. 
  • Enhanced furniture and automated luminaire recognition: Our technology will become smarter at recognizing furniture and lighting. 

Stay tuned to explore new horizons in 3D modeling with Metaroom Studio and start exploring immediately with 3 free export credits preloaded in your account!
Dive into a new realm of design, unleash your creativity, and discover where Metaroom Studio can take you. And remember, our support team is always there for you.  

Let’s create spectacular spaces together!

Download the App here AND visit Metaroom Studio

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