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Amrax Announces Integration of Metaroom with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Transforming Spatial Digitization Across Multiple Industries

SALZBURG, Austria – October, 2023 – Amrax®, a pioneer in 3D modeling and spatial data capture, today announces that Metaroom® by Amrax® has been integrated with Autodesk Construction Cloud®, a portfolio of software and services that combines advanced technology, a builders network and predictive insights for construction teams. This new integration will enhance the way AEC industries approach spatial digitization and planning.  

Traditional methods of room measurement and design planning are often time-consuming and prone to errors. The need for a reliable, quick, and accurate solution for spatial digitization has never been greater.  
Now, project managers can visualize 3D models generated in Metaroom directly within Autodesk Build Insights or BIM 360 Project Home dashboards. 

The Metaroom® App allows users to scan rooms using an iPhone Pro or iPad Pro*. These scans are then uploaded to the cloud, generating true-to-scale 3D models within seconds. In Metaroom Studio, users can enrich these 3D models with additional information, ensuring project-specific customization and precision.  

"With this integration, we are setting new standards in the digitization and visualization of interior spaces," said Martin Huber, CEO at Amrax. "Our advanced features enable not just the creation of 3D models for individual rooms but also for entire floors and buildings. The integration provides a streamlined and efficient workflow, allowing professionals to scan spaces with a mobile device and quickly transition to working with the digital twin in Autodesk Construction Cloud."  

“3D scanning tools help project managers bridge issues or inconsistencies between the digital representation and reality of their jobsites,” said James Cook, director – industry and technology partnerships at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “Embedding Metaroom’s 3D models within Autodesk Construction Cloud helps teams understand the real-life context of the Issues, RFIs, Submittals and more that they track in Autodesk Construction Cloud, helping them make better-informed decisions.” 

Key Features and Benefits

Fast Creation of True-to-Scale 3D Models: The Metaroom App facilitates quick scanning with Apple Pro devices*, seamlessly embedding these models in Autodesk Construction Cloud dashboards via Metaroom Studio.  

MultiRoom Scanning: Since October 2023, users can capture multiple rooms, floors, or entire buildings easily, with the generated 3D models available for download in Metaroom Studio within minutes.   

Point Of Interest (POI): During the scanning process, users can mark significant areas, enhancing the scan with detailed information and precision. These POIs can be further refined in Metaroom Studio.  

Direct Embedding: Metaroom Studio is now available as a Partner Card within Autodesk Build Insight or BIM 360 Project Home dashboards, offering professionals a streamlined workflow and high customer satisfaction.   


To experience the full potential of this integration, download the latest version of the Metaroom® app. Make sure your Apple Pro Device is updated to iOS 17.  

*The Metaroom App is currently compatible with all LiDAR enabled Apple devices (iPhone Pro 12 or higher or iPad Pro from 2020 or later).  

About Amrax®   
Amrax® is a leading technology platform specializing in the digitization and design of spaces using 3D technology. Founded in 2020, the company offers fast, inspiring, and user-friendly solutions for space planning, interior design, lighting design, radio planning, and facility management through its innovative Metaroom® app. Amrax's team of 25 experts in computer vision, AI, software development, and marketing use interdisciplinary collaboration and virtual reality to create groundbreaking innovations. Headquartered in Salzburg, Austria, Amrax® also operates in Vienna and the USA.    


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