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Amrax® Introduces Metaroom® App: A Digital Leap in the Design Industry

Hello World! Metaroom is now available on the App Store!

Amrax®, a visionary technology company based in Salzburg, Austria, is proud to announce the launch of the Metaroom® app today. This innovative application, meticulously crafted for professionals in lighting planning, architecture, facility management, and radio planning is revolutionizing their work with its unique blend of automated 3D reconstruction technology and intuitive user interface. 

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Metaroom® App: A New Standard in Design and Collaboration

Metaroom® sets a new standard in design and collaboration with its key features: 

Automated 3D Reconstruction & Streamlined Workflow: With the effortless use of an iPhone Pro or iPad Pro scan, Metaroom® generates precise 3D models of rooms in minutes, eliminating the need for manual floor plan drawings or specialized training. 

Faster Proposal Creation: Metaroom® accelerates the design process by producing accurate 3D representations of spaces and products, not only saving time but also significantly reducing costs. 

Product Contextualization & Improved Collaboration: Metaroom® brings designs to life by placing furniture and lighting within a 3D space, promoting effective communication and teamwork through easy sharing with clients, contractors, and suppliers. 

Increased Customer Engagement & Enhanced Customer Experience: Metaroom® allows users to visualize different design options in their rooms, creating an interactive and immersive customer experience beyond traditional 2D images or showroom displays. 

Reduced Complaints & Returns: By providing a realistic view of how products will look in customers' spaces, Metaroom® reduces the likelihood of customer dissatisfaction and helps minimize returns. 

The Metaroom® app is being showcased at the IMM Cologne fair, where its capabilities are being demonstrated in real-time. Amrax® invites you to witness how this extraordinary application is revolutionizing the design industry. 

Download Metaroom ® on the App Store and try the app today! 


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About Amrax® 
Amrax® is a leading technology platform specializing in the digitization and design of spaces using 3D technology. Founded in 2020, the company offers fast, inspiring, and user-friendly solutions for space planning, interior design, lighting design, radio planning, and facility management through its innovative Metaroom® app. Amrax's team of 25 experts in computer vision, AI, software development, and marketing use interdisciplinary collaboration and virtual reality to create groundbreaking innovations. Headquartered in Salzburg, Austria, Amrax® also operates in Vienna and the USA.