European indoor workplace lighting standards in brief

Discover what is DIN EN 12464-1 European Indoor Workplace Lighting guidelines, why it is important to follow lighting norms, and how the Metaroom® platform helps light planners and designers to easier comply with lighting guidelines.

Unveiling the Next-Gen Features of Metaroom: Elevate Your 3D Modeling Experience 

Metaroom Update 2024 showing new features in the Metaroom App and MEtaroom Studio

In the ever-evolving world of 3D modeling, the Metaroom platform is once again at the forefront, introducing groundbreaking updates to both the Metaroom App and Metaroom Studio. These enhancements not only streamline the 3D modeling process but also integrate cutting-edge 3D technology to bring your designs to life.  Let’s dive into the new features that make […]

Top 10 Tech Events to Attend in 2024

Tech Events in 2024

Stay up to date with innovation and technologies by attending tech conferences. Here’s a list of all upcoming tech events in 2024 to watch out for!

ReluxDesktop Export Guide: From Scans to Bright Spaces

iPhone screens from Metaroom App and Scan together with Desktop Computer that shows Export to Relux Sofrware

Export your Metaroom scans into Relux with our step-by-step guide. Learn to seamlessly integrate 3D models into Relux for enhanced lighting design and analysis, ensuring a smooth transition from scan to application. This guide is essential for professionals seeking efficient workflows in lighting planning and design.