ReluxDesktop Export Guide: From Scans to Bright Spaces

iPhone screens from Metaroom App and Scan together with Desktop Computer that shows Export to Relux Sofrware

Export your Metaroom scans into Relux with our step-by-step guide. Learn to seamlessly integrate 3D models into Relux for enhanced lighting design and analysis, ensuring a smooth transition from scan to application. This guide is essential for professionals seeking efficient workflows in lighting planning and design.

Expanding Horizons: Metaroom Studio’s New Export Formats

To successfully handle files, a businessman uses a contemporary computer. a virtual online documentation database, and process automation.

Metaroom now offers diverse export formats for 3D models,
enhancing compatibility with various software. Users can choose from different formats, ensuring seamless integration with different sofrware. This update facilitates smoother workflows for professionals in design, facility management, AEC, BIM and wireless network planning.

Metaroom® and RELUX partnered to redefine lighting design 

Amrax’s collaboration with Relux offers enhanced lighting design capabilities.
Integrating Metaroom’s 3D models with Relux’s software, users can now efficiently plan and visualize lighting projects. This partnership streamlines the design process, providing a seamless solution for lighting professionals.